Apple Dumplings: Just the Recipe

Apple Dumplings coming soon!

Cinnamon-Swirl Coffee Cake: Just the Recipe

A vintage recipe for the perfect cake to enjoy with your first apple cider of the season.

Cream Puff Filling: Just the Recipe

A vintage recipe for part two of a flavorful summer dessert!

Cream Puff Shells: Just the Recipe

A vintage recipe for part one of a flavorful summer dessert.

Croissants: Just the Recipe

A flavorful vintage recipe for a baked good that is a little more on the savory side.

Lemon Meringue Pie

A lovely recipe for a classic fluffy summer treat!

Basic Pie Crust

A versatile recipe for pie crust which can be used for practically anything.

Lemon Lime Ice Cream

A delicious recipe for lemon-lime ice cream adapted from The Old-Fashioned Homemade Ice Cream Cookbook. Great on its own, or with fresh berries!

Brownies: Just the Recipe

A delectable vintage recipe for fudge brownies with a crunchy top. Great on their own, or with ice cream as part of a brownie sundae.

Lemon Sauce: Just the Recipe

A wonderful recipe for a versatile lemon sauce or glaze. Best served over warm ginger bread.

Gingerbread Recipe

A delicious vintage gingerbread recipe from the 1961 edition of the New York Times cookbook.

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